Exhibition Management


Bilateral has established relationships with key venues in the UK and Brazil and can deliver end-to-end negotiation and management of exhibitions and shows in Brazil. Brazil has a well developed arts sector and high quality museums that are the equal of leading museums in Europe and America. Examples of prestigious events that have been shown in Brazil in recent years include the Pearls exhibition from Qatar and the Bowie exhibition from the V&A in London.


What does a typical project look like?

  • Negotiate availability of exhibition for Brazil; identify potential venues in Brazil, establish heads of agreement

  • Identify sponsors – Bilateral has relationships with the leading advertising and marketing agencies in Brazil and is able to reach the majority of major Brazilian corporate sponsors

  • Select transport and other specialists – fine arts is a complex market where experience and reputation counts for all. Bilateral has relationships with key suppliers in both Brazil and Britain

  • Due diligence – Bilateral can manage the due diligence process, for instance collating and reporting to the UK Security Advisor

  • Lei Rouanet – Bilateral works with Brazilian specialists and has experience of obtaining Lei Rouanet approval, thus ensuring sponsors are guaranteed tax recovery

  • Budgets and project management – Bilateral will produce initial budgets for approval and will then project manage the entire event, a process that can often take 18 months or more

Market entry or product launch support

Brazil has a population of over 200m people. Educational standards in the major cities are good and there is a fast expanding middle class. Despite a reputation for corruption, our assessment is that there is a sea change happenning in Brazil right now, with demands at every level for corruption to end.


Even so, Brazil remains complex and bureacratic - which is where Bilateral can help. We have deep experience of business and culture in both Brazil and Britain, and an extensive network of relationships in Brazil. These are the differentiators that will make your project a success.

What does a typical project look like?

  • Scope and objectives - we always start with a short study to help your organisation clarify its strategic objectives, priorities and willingness to invest
  • Research phase -  we scope out research objectives (where we recommend you engage the support of UKTI, which offers excellent research capability). Bilateral has extensive relationships with advertising and marketing agencies which provide us with valuable local intelligence
  • Study tour - we arrange an opportunity for you to test markets, discuss partner opportunities and meet channel partners, accompanied by Bilateral team support
  • Business and operational plans - with detailed engagement with colleagues in Brazil, Bilateral can assist with board decision papers, financial forecasts and project management. By this point you will have dedicated a team to the project
  • Launch Control - Bilateral will engage whatever local resources are needed to deliver the launch, whether that be channel meetings, major events or a PR programme, using our understanding of the culture and business mores to ensure you get the best support from every partner involved.


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