Your first contact for cross border consulting and events management between Britain and Brazil

Bilateral was founded by Brazilian events specialist, Carminha De Castro.

Carminha lives in London and works between Sao Paulo and the UK. Prior to moving to the UK, Carminha had  her own businesses in Sao Paulo and New York.


Projects included:

  • Managing product launches and sales force motivation for global brands in Brazil, including Ford, Whirlpool, Proctor & Gamble and Philips
  • Launching the Pele museum
  • Delivering projects for Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Fernando Collor’s governments


Carminha manages project delivery in Brazil. Bilateral has access to an extensive network of associates in the UK and Brazil and works with leading specialists in both countries to deliver success for your project.


Typical activities are shown below:

  • Opportunity search and commercial negotiations
  • Market Assessments – from basic market data to detailed feasibility studies
  • Business Development and Execution – from partner assessment to operational planning and project management
  • Launch Control – from concierge services to product launch events and promotional campaigns